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Standing With You When You Face Violent Crimes Charges

If you have been charged with a violent crime such as assault or robbery, you could be facing serious criminal consequences such as incarceration, substantial fines and a permanent mark on your criminal record. You may also lose your right to own firearms and have your movements restricted. If you have been charged with a violent crime, it is important to contact a skilled lawyer immediately.

I am Susan C. Cassell, Esq., and I have practiced law for more than 20 years. I represent clients throughout northern New Jersey facing violent crimes charges. As a former municipal and federal prosecutor, I have a unique insight into the internal politics of the prosecutors’ office, as well as strategies that can be used to minimize or eliminate your charges. To schedule a free consultation with me, call 201-445-3894 or contact me online.

Former Municipal and Federal Prosecutor

I have extensive experience handling a wide range of violent crimes in the state and federal courts, including:

As an experienced Bergen County defense attorney, I will work aggressively to have the charges against you dropped or reduced, whether it is regarding domestic violence, assault or any other type of violent crime. You will never have to wonder what is going on with your case. I will give an accurate picture of what to expect and keep in close communication with you throughout your case, which saves you a lot of trouble and worry.

Contact a Paterson Robbery Defense Attorney for a Free Consultation

Call 201-445-3894 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation. I am usually available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for initial and emergency consultations, and I can meet with you in a variety of convenient locations, including the Bergen County Courthouse and in jails.

Over 20 Years of
Experience Defending Your Rights

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