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Removing Snow From the Roof of Motor Vehicles

How is it that New Jersey can’t seem to pass a law requiring drivers to remove snow from the top of motor vehicles, or to use one which is already on the books in order to accomplish the same purpose, on which generally covers this type of flagrantly dangerous conduct. As the most densely populated state in the country, don’t our legislature and our law enforcement officers feel an obligation to protect its residents from this serious danger. For years enactment of such a law has been discussed, debated and discarded by our lawmakers, principally due to the lobbying efforts of the trucking industry, whose argument is based on their economic bottom line.Possibly a decision was made that the economy of trucking companies with trucks traveling on the roads and through the State of New Jersey are more important than the safety of the residents who live and pay taxes in this state. How hard is it for individual owners of personal cars, as well as trucking companies to remove the snow and ice sheet that fly off on the highways and rip into the windshield of unsuspecting vehicles. Not as hard as they suggest. It could easily be accomplished by hosing off a good deal of the snow/ice, and or using a brush or broom, too. The argument that it too dangerous for a trucker to climb up to the roof in icy conditions should fall on deaf ears, because it is the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle to make it safe on the roads.Interestingly, there is a law on the books now which could accomplish this purpose, but is rarely used. Why not? N.J.S.A. 39: 4.97 makes it a violation to drive in an unsafe manner. That is a perfectly adequate law for remedying this serious infraction, but our law enforcement officers are rarely using it for this purpose.

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