A Former Prosecutor With More Than 20 Years of Experience

Restraining orders and protective orders stemming from domestic violence often originate in family court without a hearing. Unless criminal domestic violence, battery or assault charges are filed, these orders are not considered criminal matters unless they are violated. If you have been charged with violating a protection or restraining order, criminal charges will be filed against you which could result in mandatory incarceration.

It is crucial to have a criminal defense attorney on your side when even a temporary restraining order has been issued so that you are prepared if someone moves to make the order permanent or to file corresponding criminal charges. The information presented in the petition for a restraining order is often the same as what may be presented in a criminal case, so your lawyer can use that information to begin preparing your defense.

A permanent orders lasts a lifetime and will impact all facets of your life immeasurably. If a party does move to have the restraining order made permanent, a hearing will be scheduled, and it is crucial to be prepared to confront the allegations. I can help you assemble your case and I will zealously represent you before the judge.

Convictions for violating an order of protection – like all domestic violence convictions – cannot be expunged from your criminal record. As your criminal defense attorney, I will work aggressively to have the charges reduced or dismissed, or to seek a not-guilty verdict in court.